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Welcome Members

Our Member Benefits (OMB) herein after referred to as the “Club” is part of an International family of Private Members Only Vacation Clubs organized for the purpose of uniting Members from around the world to create a collective body of like-minded individuals’ and families whom through that same collective body represent greater purchasing power than that of the individual. Through exclusive contracts held by the Club with its licensed 3rd party travel and product vendors, Members are able to directly access all benefits and privileges of the Club represented within the agreements and contracts simply by having a valid Membership or active Travel Card and by logging into the Members area of the Club website, where all benefits and privileges can be found. Length of Membership or Travel Card terms shall be determined at the time of initial registration and activation. Regardless of the term of Membership or Travel Card, every valid Member of the Club shall be able to book 1 full year in advance of their travel dates even if their Membership or Travel Card expires before their travel dates.

The Club does not sell travel or any other related products directly or indirectly to any Members, partiers or card holders. The Club through contracts, provides the internet password protected software portal that allows Members’ the ability to access those vendors and 3rd party travel providers that have specific licenses with the Club to provide its Members discounts that otherwise would not be available. When negotiating with vendors, the Club makes every effort to use the size and power of its collective Membership base to negotiate the best possible discounts and pricing for all Members. The pricing of products and benefits that the Club negotiates is the same price Club Members enjoy.

A valid Membership or Travel Card, regardless of its length of term shall allow each Member and their immediate family (spouse and children) access to the Club Members password protected area where all: Luxury Resort inventory, Cruises, Car Rentals, Event Tickets, Hotels, Airline tickets and any and all other benefits and privileges are available. These benefits and privileges expressly provided to Members and Travel Card holders are subject to availability as well as the regulations and restrictions of the individual resorts including occupancy limits. All fees are subject to change pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of the Clubs licensing agreements. All Members and or Travel Card holders shall be provided with personal login credentials and have full “unrestricted access” to all internet booking portals and booking engines as provided within this site. Reservations and confirmations are in real time and confirmations are sent
by our licensed Club vendors to our Members and Travel Card holders via email.


The OMB Member and or card holder acknowledges that his or her Membership is solely for personal use and said Member further acknowledges that OMB Membership does not give the Member any interest in land, property, a travel agency or a vacation resort. It is further understood and acknowledged that in an effort to stop “reservation abuse” OMB Members and card holders booking accommodations or other products may be asked to post a reservation deposit or full payment at the time a reservation or purchase is made. Payments for any benefits within the OMB website are not paid to OMB; all payments for any Member benefit purchases are made directly to the Resort or 3rd party club vendor. OMB Members and or card holders never pay for accommodations that cannot be confirmed in real time. If a OMB Member or card holder cancels a confirmed reservation, that Member or card holder may lose his or her reservation deposit; and may be charged a cancellation or change fee depending upon the type of confirmed reservation. These rules and regulations are posted within the website and are fully disclosed, by individual Resorts and vendors. If a confirmed reservation is cancelled by a Resort or any other travel provider, for any reason, any refund to the Member shall be limited to the amount paid prior to the cancellation. OMB reserves the right from time-to-time to increase, modify, or amend the benefits, privileges and services which it provides to its Members. OMB is not an agent for any vendor, Resort, Hotel, Cruise Line or other provider of OMB Member benefits and is not responsible for their representations or performance.
By accepting these terms and conditions posted herein all Members acknowledge and agree to receive regular email communications regarding club updates, benefits, proposed new benefits and weekly specials.


Members and or Travel Card holders shall not resell, rent or broker any travel services or products obtained through this program. The Club may immediately give notice of intent to terminate any Membership if it determines, in its sole and unfettered discretion that the Member or Travel Card holder is brokering; (reselling reservations, accommodations or products). If a Member or card holder fails to adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Membership and this default is not remedied within 30 days after receipt of notice of default, the Club shall have the right to suspend the Member’s privileges until the Club is satisfied that the default has been rectified. Should default continue for more than 30 days after notice, the Club shall have the right to terminate Membership or Travel Card without any further notice. Should Membership be suspended or terminated due to a violation of Membership, the Member shall not lose any confirmed or paid reservation or products obtained through any Club vendor if made within the Clubs website. Usage of the Club website by any Member or Travel Card holder shall constitute acceptance of all Membership Terms and Conditions.


All Members and Travel Card holders can receive a Cash Back Rebate on “eligible” travel or vacations booked using the Clubs website. Presently the rebates are as follows: (1) $130 rebate on select Caribbean Resort bookings within Luxury Resorts number two, (2) $150.00 cash rebate for every 7 day / weekly RV Rental and (3) 3% cash back on 14.000 Tours.


Simply book your trip using your Membership website, take your trip. Afterwards, send us a copy of your travel receipts and itinerary for those purchases that qualify and you will receive your rebate. For complete details please see cash rebate program within the members area. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your rebate check. If you qualify for a rebate and your Membership or Travel card has expired, you will still receive your rebate if booked when you were a valid Member.


The Club prior to the expiration of any Membership or Travel Card shall send out in a timely manner a notice of pending expiration via email to all Members.
For Membership renewals or to purchase additional Travel cards please contact your retailer, organization or company that provided you your original Membership and or Travel Card.

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