$2500 Bonus Terms & Conditions

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To read full Terms & Conditions, please click here

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From time to time Save Big on Travel (SBOT) shall offer bonus gifts for joining or remaining members of SBOT. These bonuses or gifts shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions of that particular bonus or gift and those Terms and Conditions shall be made readily available for all Members to review. The term gift or bonus shall not automatically mean free. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully of all bonuses or gifts offered.

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Your $2,500.00 New Member Vacation Discount Bonus is an exclusive promotion sponsored by learning Through Travel (LTT). This third party vendor is a Preferred Licensed Travel and Vacation Vendor for Save Big on Travel (SBOT). LTT offers a variety of member only priced tours and retreats as well as destination weddings, honeymoon planning and exclusive vacation packages. To redeem your $2,500 discount bonus merely go to the Members area of Save Big on Travel and click “Redeem $2,500 Bonus” and follow the directions. This bonus can only be used with the SBOT authorized Preferred Travel and Vacation Vendor in the following manner: The Member must be an active SBOT Member in good standing and as such may directly redeem their $2,500.00 discount bonus with Learning Through Travel at a rate of not less than $180.00 per $1,000.00 spent (net cost, less credit card charges). Example: Net trip expense is $2,000 you can apply $360 of your discount Bonus and save a minimum of 18%! The Bonus Discount Credit will not expire unless Membership is cancelled. This bonus cannot be sold, bartered or exchanged. This bonus has no cash value except as applied as stated above. If you have further questions please contact Learning Through Travel directly here or if you wish to redeem follow the directions above.

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